Monday, March 26, 2012

We finally got to see all our equipment. The damage was minor - two of the boxes were broken but they did serve to protect everything inside. We drove down into Qaanaaq, which is a village of about 500 people situated on a hill overlooking a fjord. Our hotel has a nice view of the fjord, the island across it and the icebergs that are across it. 

We went quickly into checking out our scientific gear and getting ready for measurements on the ice. 
Susanne and Jeremy went to talk to the hunters whose dog sleds we will be using over the next two weeks. Stefan was busy setting up his two primary instruments, the CTD (for measuring Conducivity, Temperature, Depth and for obtaining water samples) and an ADCP for making measurements of currents in the fjord. Shane was busy putting together Ice Mass Balance instruments that were to be deployed through the ice. Over the next week I will talk about what each of these instruments do and what they tell us about the environment but for those who want a sneak peek I would encourage you 
to check out the websites of some my colleagues in Woods Hole - Sarah Das, Fiamma Straneo also work in Greenland and they both are also experts in glaciology and the complex interactions of glaciers with the oceans and climate. 

Peter Kimball working on the airplane in confined quarters
Peter Kimball and myself were busy working on getting the airplanes put together. We did notice a broken tail section but Peter made short work of fixing it. All the batteries that we use had to be  charged. 

We all went to bed tired but happy to be working. The plan for tomorrow calls for us to 
make our first test flight. Stefan and Jeremy will go out on a sled to do some of the oceanography nearby while Susanne and Shane will continue to work on getting the instrumentation together. 

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