Monday, March 26, 2012

Polar Bear Trousers
Someone just sent me a question regarding how we deal with the cold...

So, I thought it would be instructive to compare the clothes we wear with those of the Greenlandic people. 

Here's what we wear

Fleece Pants, Thermal Top, followed by a Carhart Overall, on top of which we top on an expedition strength Parka filled with thick down. These clothes are actually quite heavy and bulky to put on and walk around in. On our face we have a balaclava and ski goggles. 

In comparison the Greenlandic people wear polar bear trousers, a coat made of polar bear fur as well, but turned inside out, and fur lined sealskin gloves. They wear a hat but in wandering around town they do not cover their faces like I do. 

The dogs do not wear anything. In fact they sleep outside in the cold.

Even at -25C, you can feel surprisingly warm. When we were wandering around as tourists in Kangerlussiaq we often felt hot and took off our thick parkas or unzipped them. However, if you are standing around outside (waiting to do science) it gets cold. When you are on the dog sled (more on that
when we get out) it is really cold. 

p.s. I just got a chance to read over some of my previous postings. Looking them over I noticed there  were a lot of errors. For all the students in the Wiley-Buscher class, if you spot any of the errors you can ask for a Buscher buck :-)!

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